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give up your ghosts

there's only fading memories left

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26 June
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We twist and turn where angels burn
Like fallen soldiers, we will learn
That once forgotten
Twice removed
Love will be the death
The death of you

"Tears of Pearls", Savage Garden

drifting now forever and forever more until you reach your shore

• nicks: 'Nilla, Danny, Aku, Ophelia, Daz
• tropical cancer, sidereal gemini, androgynous, pansexual, cynical, sarcastic, childlike but not childish, provocative, spontaneous
• loves cats, cowfish, roleplay, cosplay, sanrio, iced coffee, ddr, monologue-ing, snuggling, power play, really cute things as well as really creepy things
• collects Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Masyumaro, L and Zim/Dib things
• fetishes for eyebrows, alternative fashion, knee-high socks, stars, checkers, redheads, hipbones

• student, majoring in sociology, minor sexuality
• engaged to a transman
• works for a dot.com
• likes making friends online to know offline

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I know you have a little life in you yet
I know you have a lot of strength left

Current fandoms: Homestuck, Invader Zim

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introspections/writing journal : her_heart

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and if all the world is perfect, i would only ever want to see your scars
they can have their universe; we'll be in the dirt designing stars

airport reunions, akuroku, androgyny, angels, angst, ankhs, arm warmers, astral projection, astrology, axel, bdsm, bella morte, belly dancing, bleach, bloomers, bondage, boys who like boys, bubble baths, bubble tea, cake batter ice cream, carbon leaf, catgirls, cats, chai tea, chococat, corrupting innocence, corsets, cosplay, cosplay sex, cowfish, crossover pairings, crossplay, cyber goth, dance dance revolution, darren hayes, ddr, death note, dominant ukes, egyptology, electronica, emilie autumn, eurotrash, eyeliner, faeries, fandom wank, fanfiction, fate, fetishes, fullmetal alchemist, garbage, gay rights, ghost hunting, girls who like girls, glitter, good l cosplayers, goth lolita, grabby hands, handcuffs, hate sex, homestuck, homosexuality, in the groove, inu yasha, invader zim, irony, isis, jack off jill, jay and silent bob, johnny the homicidal maniac, jthm, karkat, karma, king adora, kingdom hearts, kira x l, lesbians, lifehouse, light/l, little nemo, malapropism, matt nathanson, melissa etheridge, nostalgia, nyan nyan nyanko, obsessive compulsion, online roleplay, oral fixation, orgy, ouija, ouran koukou host club, paganism, palm reading, pansexuality, paranormal, piercings, placebo, platform boots, playing dress up, power play, psychoanalysis, rain, rainbows, redheads, rent, rough-make-up-sex, roy x ed, satire, savage garden, slash, smut, solkat, spirit contact, submissive semes, the last unicorn, the ring, trance, trigun, tummies, using-thigh-highs-as-binds, vast, wangst, wings, wolfsheim, xenophilia, yaoi, yuri, zadr, zippers

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