'Nilla (angels_burn) wrote,

of roleplay and fullmetal alchemist

I have so much creativity and not enough time to tap into it all.

I am all back into FMA/HagaRen roleplaying, and it is fierce. I only wish I had my DVDs with me to be more confident in my playing. Roy and Edward have never stopped being dead sexy. I just wish I could find someone to do a Bluebird's Illusion or movie storyline with. And of course I am trying to find some yaoi storyline, but I can be content with what I have right now.

I'm just the type who wants it all right now.

Did I mention I want to play a character from Chrono Trigger as well? Jesus. And I still have Juliet to think about.

I don't know what happened to my Hayes storyline, but I suppose for the time I can write it out -- draft an outline so I don't lose my ideas.

jhdsjkdh Gah. Someone crawl into my head and preserve my ideas so they don't float away?
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