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not signed off, just idling

So as you can probably tell, I don't spill my guts all over LJ anymore, for better or worse.

If you'd like to touch base on another network where I'm actually active and not lurking, I use deviantart, facebook and skype.

If not, my email is

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'Nilla says

L christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Whether or not you're into it this year, I hope you relax, reflect and think of those you love.

I am up far too early to be celebrating at home, but I can be thankful for the fact that I can work under the covers and not put a single article of clothing on. Already thinking of those Christmas sales~~

Merry Christmas ♥
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I think mostly everyone that knows me knows that I am a music whore.

I thought of an ingenious idea today (though I'm sure it's been done 3456977363 times already).

In homage of the deleted mlst My Life Soundtrack, a personal offshoot of stuff like fst (I don't know why it was deleted; it's a great idea), I decided to make my own playlist for my life.

It was actually pretty therapeutic for me to retrace my steps like that. Yeah, a hell of a lot of it is depressing, but it has a happy ending.

I had to stop at some point or the songs would keep coming, and I didn't offer them up for download but if you see music you like, I can send it to you.

Also, now that you've read this, you too must do it -- if only simply to share new music.

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lol I'm writing on Heather's journal 'cause I found her a new icon.

Behold it.

It's full of cute.

Yes, she's got a softspot for Tamaki.

Inster *aaaawww*
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i don't have feelings 'cause feelings are gay

So here I am sitting around until I have to sign over to work.

We have our brand new place. Two-bedroom condo in Watsonville, CA. We'll be moved in sometime in the end of August. We're currently residing in Aptos--between Santa Cruz and Watsonville--while escrow closes and necessary upgrades are being made.

I'm still in shock I suppose about the reality of having a home. We own a home: a dream I never thought I'd ever get even close to achieving. But here we are...

More on that as it develops.

I'm trying AOL AGAIN. I don't know why -- it's a detrimental addiction. The new profile features are awesome though; they are reminiscent of MySpace or LJ in how customizable they are. You never used to be able to upload pictures to the actual profile space or do anything without coding it. I think it's nice and easy now.

I'm piddling around AOL for a couple days to see if the RP community still exists.

That means a new screen name: Cake or Justice.

... which people are already noting:

XPoeticKnightz [4:36 P.M.]: It's an interesting choice. I suppose it would depend on how hungry a person was......
Cake or Justice [4:37 P.M.]: This is very true. And how much they like cake.
XPoeticKnightz [4:37 P.M.]: That's true. The flavor would matter too. It's a more complicated question then it seems...
Cake or Justice [4:39 P.M.]: -And- justice doesn't hold as much weight to some people.
XPoeticKnightz [4:40 P.M.]: That is true. I guess it's like the saying, "give me liberty or give me death." Some people would take bondage over death.

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I was not a fan of the Japanese live-action movies whatsoever... so I figure: why not.

And in closing no_more_ghosts showed this to me and I don't think I've laughed so hard since the infamous Samwell.

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holiday chaos '06, go!

Started my Christmas shopping last night. -- hella early for me. Got Michelle and Liz out of the way instantly. Hope my luck keeps going like this.

But in the great spirit of the season, I want adresses of everyone who wants to get or swap cards/presents because I'd really love to send some out -- just to show a little love which I don't ordinarily get to do. ♥ Comments are filtered for privacy's sake, so give to 'Nilla. Please?

Alright, still gotta get gifts for Katie, Aiden/Ty, Jaime and Derek. And anyone else to be added since I don't wanna be an ass and get someone a present they don't want. Here's to getting all my shit in order.
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of roleplay and fullmetal alchemist

I have so much creativity and not enough time to tap into it all.

I am all back into FMA/HagaRen roleplaying, and it is fierce. I only wish I had my DVDs with me to be more confident in my playing. Roy and Edward have never stopped being dead sexy. I just wish I could find someone to do a Bluebird's Illusion or movie storyline with. And of course I am trying to find some yaoi storyline, but I can be content with what I have right now.

I'm just the type who wants it all right now.

Did I mention I want to play a character from Chrono Trigger as well? Jesus. And I still have Juliet to think about.

I don't know what happened to my Hayes storyline, but I suppose for the time I can write it out -- draft an outline so I don't lose my ideas.

jhdsjkdh Gah. Someone crawl into my head and preserve my ideas so they don't float away?