'Nilla (angels_burn) wrote,

I think mostly everyone that knows me knows that I am a music whore.

I thought of an ingenious idea today (though I'm sure it's been done 3456977363 times already).

In homage of the deleted mlst My Life Soundtrack, a personal offshoot of stuff like fst (I don't know why it was deleted; it's a great idea), I decided to make my own playlist for my life.

It was actually pretty therapeutic for me to retrace my steps like that. Yeah, a hell of a lot of it is depressing, but it has a happy ending.

I had to stop at some point or the songs would keep coming, and I didn't offer them up for download but if you see music you like, I can send it to you.

Also, now that you've read this, you too must do it -- if only simply to share new music.

The first, oh, 15 songs are me, myself and I. The rest pretty much encompass the last ten years of my life, the people I have met, the crap I went through with them, and how I've come around.

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Tags: mlst, music sharing
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